Before Noah started weaning I thought that would be the hardest mealtime milestone. Trying new foods, the mess, the worry about introducing foods one by one so you can look out for any reactions – it can feel a little overwhelming when you’re first starting. Well for me it did anyway – my anxiety went into overdrive but after the first couple of tries with solid food I soon relaxed & we had so much fun! (you can find out more about our BLW journey here)

Noah enjoying his overnight oats!

But I didn’t think too much about after that, I kinda figured it would be a natural progression to using cutlery & the hard part was done but as with anything new it’s a skill that takes some practice. From around 9 months I would give Noah cutlery with his food so he could get used to them & he would try to copy me using them at mealtimes. But Noah is now 2 years old & he still finds using cutlery frustrating & he tries so hard to be independent. I’ve tried so many different types of cutlery over the past year, I have a drawer full of ones with long handles, short handles, wide handles, handles with a bend in them, various shaped spoons & none of them made it any easier for Noah to feed himself.

Noah’s first time using the Doddl knife to chop up his favourite olives

So what exactly is Doddl cutlery? In 2013 the concept of Doddl cutlery was born through Cat’s own mealtime experiences with 3 little ones under 2 years old. Cat quickly found that children’s cutlery is simply a smaller version of adult cutlery which can be difficult to use for little hands. Children naturally use the palmer grasp which can make using traditional cutlery difficult but not with Doddl. The unique ergonomic design supports children’s developing pincer grip which makes the cutlery much easier to hold & control. Cat was joined by her sister Rosie in 2014 & they spent 18 months researching, working with child development experts & product designers to create the perfect cutlery for little hands! in 2016 Doddl was officially launched & in just 3 years Doddl cutlery is now sold in over 30 countries worldwide!!

Noah enjoying his dinner using Doddl cutlery

I’d heard lots of good things about Doddl cutlery from other parents & I was really excited to try them out with Noah. As I opened them you could see straight away how much easier they are for little ones to hold & the size is perfect for helping them with their hand eye co-ordination. When Noah did manage to get food on his usual cutlery he often dropped it or completely missed his mouth trying to negotiate the long handle. The first time we used the cutlery Noah picked them up a few times, feeling the handle & you could see he found them much easier to hold. He used the fork to spear his food & was so proud when he managed to feed himself the first few mouthfuls! He used the knife to cut up pieces of pasta & his veggies, the knife is completely safe for little ones to use & Noah’s even been helping prep mealtimes by chopping veg or fruit for breakfast. His confidence using cutlery has really grown & mealtimes have become one of my favorite times of day. I love cooking together & sitting at the table after a busy day & seeing Noah’s proud little face across the table!

Doddl cutlery is available on Amazon here in 3 colours (blueberry blue, lime green & raspberry pink) & is suitable for children 12 months – 5 years. There’s a baby cutlery range too for ages 6 – 12 months & with the option of a handy carry case!

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